Our cats

SE*GIC Alsmarks Ezoola

Female - Spotted, tawny.

Born 2018-04-11, 

Sire:   Pagngle's Miracle of Love

Dam: Alsmarks Imryldeen

SC S*Alsmarks Imryldeen, DVM

Female - Spotted, tawny.

Born 2015-03-26,  Sire: Hot Thundereans Claudius Dam: S*Alsmarks  Caithe Paletree S*Alsmarks Imryldeen

Imryldeen is our second breeding female, and the keeper from Caithes litter. Daddy, Claudius, is a gorgeous tawny male from Hot Thundereans. Imsan, her petname at home, is a cool, cheeky and cuddly tawny spotted girl that is purring loudly most of the time. Imryldeen is the second breeding female from our cattery and she is a strong female with all the characteristics of the Ocicat. So far Imsan has had a very successful show career, winning four BIS during her kitten/junior time. Imsan has now competed as adult female four times and achived four certificates, four NOM and one BIS. It only took Imsan eight days from first CAC to become Champion!

SE*OzzySpots PiñaColada

Female - Spotted, chocolate.

Born 2016-04-30, 



Pina is a Chocolate female that brings a new gene pool to our cattery. Piña has got the softest coat and a beautiful pattern. She is a cheeky little monkey and she has learnt the other cats to steal food. We still love her, ofcourse. Is is Imryldeens BFF and the way she helped a worn out mum of seven kittens touched our hearts. She will soon be a mother herself if everything goes according to plan.