About us

This is us

We are a family of two adults, two teenagers and our wonderful ocicats. We live in a calm environment close to nature in the countryside, 15km south-west of Uppsala.

We breed ocicats and keep cats and kittens in our home, we have up to four litters per year.


Ramsta-Bodarna 10

755 91 Uppsala


E-mail: katter@alsmarks.se

Björn och Cecilia Alsmark

Björn is an engineer by profession and he is the cats big favourite. They like his beard and that he feeds them in the morning. Björn has been chairman of the board for the scandinavian ocicat club, Ocicats of Scandinavia. And is a member in the board for Uppsala Kattklubb.

Cecilia is a researcher by profession and currently works with research support. Cecilia loves pedigrees and is a bit of a geek actually. She is member of the board for the Swedish cat club association, SVERAK, with responsibility for matters related to health and breeding. She is also responsible for health and breeding questions in her local cat club Uppsala Kattklubb.

Find your way to us

We live 2km from Ramstalund, between Uppsala and Enköping.