To adopt a kitten from SE*Alsmarks

To adopt a kitten from SE*Alsmarks

In our house the cats are family members and that is what we want them to be, also in their new homes. We want you to visit us and the kittens before you can book a kitten. We want all the kittens to get the best start in life possibly and therefor all kittens from Alsmarks are:

*vaccinated, twice against chlamydia, Feline panleukopenia and cat flu.

*Id-chipped and a veterinary inspection

*registered in SVERAK and accompanied by a pedigree

*insured against hidden defects

*grown up in our family home and used to children, every day care like trimming of claws, cuddles and play

The kittens are delivered when they are mature enough, usually around 14-16 weeks, but never earlier than at the age of 12 weeks. All kittens comes with life long support.

Due to the risk for resistance to current antiparasitic drug we do not de-worm unless it is called for.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten from us, write us an email or send us a message on Facebook and tell us a little bit about yourself and what type of home you can offer an Ocicat!