Upcoming litters


Litter  Spring 2020, born January 19th

Dam: SE*Ozzyspots Pina Colada

Sire: SE*Alsmarks Ascalon

2020-01-19 Pina gave birth to a tawny male. As the only kitten he is spoiled rotten by both mum Pina and extra mum Imryldeen.

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Litter  Spring 2020, born 2nd February

Dam: JW SE*Alsmarks Dajkah

Sire: JW SE*Alsmarks Ancestral Grace

2020-02-02 Dajkah gave birth to seven kittens, preliminary colours are tawny, blue and cinnamon. We will come back regarding genders.

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Litter  Spring 2020, Expected 22nd February

Dam: DE*Betonicas Chili

Sire: SE*Hormuz Yunus

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Interested in Co-ownership?

We are also looking for a Co-owner for kittens that we keep for breeding. If you would like to take care of an ocicat for life and also be involved in the breeding and promotion of this fabulous breed of cats, contact us and we will tell you more!