Previous litters

Previous Litters

The Twilight-litter

This was Frankies first litter that belongs to SE*Kattkompisarna. We were caregivers to Frankie and raised the litter in our home. The kittens were born 2011-01-10.


From left to right:

Female - Leah, ticked kanel

Male - Sam, ticked brun

Male - Quil, ticked brun

Male - Jake, ticked kanel



Dam: S*Kattkompisarna´s Frankie Teardrop

Sire: S*John John´s Tuss


The GuildWars-litter

The kittens were born 2011-11-24

From left to right:

Female - Dwayna, ticked tawny

Male - Melandru, ticked cinnamon

Male - Balthazar, ticked tawny



Dam: S*Kattkompisarna´s Frankie Teardrop

Sire: S*John John´s Cinderella Man



The GuildWars 2-litter

The kittens were born 2013-10-21

From top and down:

Female - Caithe Paletree, spotted tawny

Female - Eir Stegalkin, ticked chocolate

Male - Rytlock Brimstone, ticked tawny

Female - Zojja of Ratasum, ticked tawny



Hona: S*Kattkompisarna´s Frankie Teardrop

Hane: FI*Silvercomet Croquant




The GuildWars 2 Weaponrack-kullen

The kittens were born 2015-03-26

Female - Imryldeen, spotted tawny

Female - Okiumene, spotted tawny

Female - Lyss, spotted tawny

Male - Kudzu, spotted tawny

Male - Zap, spotted tawny



Dam: S*Alsmarks Caithe Paletree

Sire: S*Thundereans Claudius


The GuildWars 2 Geography -litter

Born on the 5th of December 2016

Diessa female n 24

Tyria female n 24

Ascalon male n 24

Caledon male n 24

Elona female a 24

Maguuma female a 24

Nolani female a 24

Dam: GIC S*Alsmarks Imryldeen

Sire: UK'Aalspotz Baileys, n24

Pedigree on Pawpeds


The Harry Potter Spells -litter

Born on the 21st of May 2017

Alohomora, female c 24

Accio, male, c 24

Waddiwasi, male c 24

Expelliarmus, male b 24

Expecto Patronum, male b24


Dam: DK*Betonicas Chilli

Sire: SC SE*Enbacka Gårds Columbus

Pedigree on Pawpeds